Where’s the Witch?

A sensationally spooky search-and-find game


Halloween is just around the corner, and for Wendy the Witch and her friends that can only mean one thing – trick-or-treating! This year, to make it extra special, Wendy is taking the gang to her favourite trick-or-treating locations all over the world.

Even the scariest, creepiest, cackling-est among us need a break from the daily axe-grind. This troupe of frighteningly ghoulish apparitions have packed their bats for a horrifyingly haunted holiday! They’re all lurking somewhere in the carnival below. We need you to uncover their cemetery secrets. Good luck!

Click Wendy the Witch and her nine terrifying friends if you can find them in the game below.


How to play


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Where’s the Witch?

by Chuck Whelon

A sensationally spooky search-and-find book brimming with colourful scenes.

It’s nearly Halloween, so Wendy the Witch is taking her spooky friends out trick-or-treating – to all her favourite places! Follow Wendy, Mumford the Mummy, Zoe the Zombie and the rest of the creepy crew as they visit a zoo, a desert, an ocean and loads of other fun locations. Just make sure they make it home in time for the big Halloween party!

This seasonal search-and-find book will test readers’ spotting skills as they look for all 10 characters in every scene. Plus, head to the back of the book for over 100 extra things to search for.


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