Where’s Santa’s Reindeer?

A Festive Noel Search And Find Quest

There’s a week to go before Christmas Eve. Santa and his head elf, Jingle, are making some final preparations ahead of the big night when disaster strikes. Jingle has gone to check on the reindeer herd only to find that Santa’s eight most-trusted reindeer are nowhere in sight!

There’s nothing reindeer love more than Christmas, but Santa’s team are normally too busy to celebrate. This year, Dasher and his friends are determined to take part in the festivities and have snuck off on a ‘quick trip’ around the world. Jingle is beside himself! The reindeer need to be in tip-top condition for Christmas Eve, and he and Santa haven’t got a hope of delivering all the gifts in one night without them. They have no choice but to set off in hot pursuit.

Can you spot all eight reindeer in the winter wonderland below, plus Santa and Jingle, in time for the holiday?
The reindeer are doing their best to blend in, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled.


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Where’s Santa’s Reindeer?

by Paul Moran

From the publishers of the bestselling Where’s the Unicorn? comes a festive adventure to knock your Christmas stockings off.

There’s a week to go before Christmas Eve and Santa’s eight favourite reindeer are nowhere in sight! Santa can’t deliver all the presents in one night without his trusted herd to pull the sleigh, so he and his chief elf set off to find them. Help Santa chase the reindeer through 17 intricately illustrated seasonal scenes and bring them home to the North Pole in time to load up the sleigh. There are 8 cute reindeer, plus Santa and his elf, to find in each location and the answer pages at the back feature extra things to spot.

Illustrated by the bestselling artist behind Where’s the Unicorn? and Where’s the Meerkat?, this fab-yule-lous search-and-find book is a must-have Christmas gift.

Where’s the Elf?

by Chuck Whelon


Santa’s elves are hard at work. Aren’t they? With just days to go before Christmas, ten of the naughty elves have gone missing. The workshop is in chaos, and there are still presents to make. Santa must launch a worldwide search to find his pesky elves and save Christmas before it’s too late. Can you help find the ten elves, and Santa Claus himself, on each of the fun, action-packed pages?

Test your spotting skills with this wintry search-and-find title. Each colourful page is filled with fun illustrations, hard-to-find elves, Santa Claus himself, as well as extra bonus items.

Where’s the Elf? is the perfect search-and-find challenge for children of all ages.


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