Where's the Unicorn
Where's the Unicorn?

It's the question everyone's asking… Where's the Unicorn? Find a family of magical unicorns in this beautiful search and find game.

Where's the Unicorn
Where's the Witch?

Halloween is just around the corner, and Wendy the Witch is getting ready to do some trick or treating. Find a troupe of spooky apparitions led by Wendy the Witch in this pumpkin-spiced search and find game.

Where's the Unicorn
Where's the Bunny?

Can you find Bunny and the 10 chocolate eggs hidden in this egg-static easter search and find adventure game?

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Featured Holiday Hidden Object Games

Festive Christmas Games to Play Online

Where’s Santa’s Reindeer?

There’s a week to go before Christmas Eve. Santa and his head elf, Jingle, are making some final preparations ahead of the big night when disaster strikes. Jingle has gone to check on the reindeer herd only to find that Santa’s eight most-trusted reindeer are nowhere in sight! There’s nothing reindeer love more than Christmas, but Santa’s team are normally too busy to celebrate. This year, Dasher and his friends are determined to take part in the festivities and have snuck off on a ‘quick trip’ around the world. Jingle is beside himself! The reindeer need to be in tip-top condition for Christmas Eve, and he and Santa haven’t got a hope of delivering all the gifts in one night without them. They have no choice but to set off in hot pursuit.

Where’s the Elf?

It’s that time of year again, and Santa is getting ready to travel the world gifting us his elven-crafted presents!

At Santa’s workshop everyone is busy making toys. Soon it will be Christmas Eve, when Santa will load up his sleigh and deliver gifts to children around the world. But Santa’s elves have other ideas.

Just days before Christmas, ten elves have disappeared. Without them, the chaotic workshop will never finish making all the presents in time. Can you help Santa find the ten elves missing in this wintry wonderland? If you can, you might just save Christmas.

Spooky Halloween Games to Play Online

Where’s the Witch?

A sensationally spooky search-and-find game.

Halloween is almost here… and so is Wendy the Witch! Even the scariest, creepiest, cackling-est among us need a break from the daily axe-grind. This troupe of frighteningly ghoulish apparitions have packed their bats for a horrifyingly haunted holiday! See if you can find them in this family-friendly Halloween hidden object game.

Where’s the Zombie?

Be warned: This game is not for the faint-hearted.

The virus is spreading and nowhere is safe. It’s a scramble for survival as the number of zombies grows with every second…

Scientist Joel Peters was being held under quarantine after an accident at Hart Laboratories. Peters appears to have been exposed to a highly concentrated strain of a new virus, code named ZX-5. He has escaped from the secure quarantine unit where he was being held. His family and pets are also infected with virus ZX-5. They have been reported missing.


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Where’s the Unicorn?

This ultimate search app challenges you to find 7 friendly unicorns among each colourful and vibrant scene in their adventures. Follow the legendary unicorns as they jet off across 20 exciting levels.

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Where’s the Meerkat?

Move over Where’s Wally, the meerkats are in town!

A family of meerkats are making a round-the-world trip, making mischief wherever they go. They’ll be visiting some of the world’s most famous and popular places: your task is to spot them in the crowd.

This ultimate search app challenges you to find a family of 10 meerkats among each colourful and vibrant scene in their adventures. Follow the meerkats across 24 exciting levels, as they wend their way from the bustling streets of New York to the carnival in Rio, Great Barrier Reef, Moscow, and more.


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